Why is Video Basics right for you?

  • Take Your Content to the Next Level

    Introducing video to the content you're already creating online will add an incredibly valuable piece to your followers.

  • Megan & Wendy

    Megan and Wendy are Iris Award nominated video creators who have spent years learning the tricks of the trade and are here to pass everything they know on to you.

  • Continued Support

    This course is not meant to stand alone. Get continued support from Megan and Wendy as well as your video creating peers in our private Facebook group.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to Video Basics!
    • Introduction To Video Basics
  • 2
    Unit 1 - Equipment
    • Equipment Video Lesson - Lighting, Cameras, Tripods, and Accessories we recomend
    • Video Basics Equipment Recommendations
    • Unit 1 - Challenge
  • 3
    Unit 2 - Video Platforms: YouTube vs. Facebook vs. Instagram
    • Choosing a platform to focus on - the advantages and disadvantages of each video platform
    • How to flip your Facebook Live screen (avoid backward text!)
    • Facebook Live Tips & Tricks
    • Filming Checklist FREE PREVIEW
    • Create Your YouTube Channel
    • Instagram Tips and Tricks - Stories, Video and IGTV!
    • Unit 2 - Challenge
  • 4
    Unit 3 - Editing
    • Editing Basics: Editing programs, music, text, branding, and SEO
    • iMovie Walkthrough
    • TubeBuddy Walkthrough
    • YouTube End Card Tutorial
    • Editing Checklist FREE PREVIEW
    • Royalty-Free Music Resources
    • YouTube SEO Walkthrough
    • Video Editing Platforms for Desktop and Mobile
    • Unit 3 - Challenge
  • 5
    Unit 4 - Branding and Monetization
    • Branding and Monetization
    • YouTube Branding Specs
    • Unit 4 - Challenge

Video Basics with Megan & Wendy

Video Strategy Reports

Take what you've learned to the next level with our custom video strategy reports. You'll get reviews of your video channels, custom content ideas and an action plan you can put in place right away.